Food Service

If you are part of the food service industry we have a lot of solutions for you!


Our range of Basmati rice is very diverse. There is at least one variant if not more that is suited very well for the cuisine you are cooking.
The full range of rice is available in 40lbs bags.
Please reach out to us via the Contact Us page and let us know your requirements so we can facilitate you better.


For Oriental and Mexican dishes or for rice to pair with curries, order the green or blue bag to try.
For Pakistani & Indian rice dishes we recommend you try the purple bag or brown bag.
For Arab, Persian, Mediterranean dishes or any others that require thin & XXL grain rice that doesn’t break during cooking and stays fresh for hours, please try the brown bag.
For those servicing consumers on the diabetic spectrum please use our specially processed and USDA certified organic Low GI Basmati Rice or the yellow bag.
For recipes please visit our Home Away From Home recipe page where we have used our rice and other products in different dishes. There is also a visual cooking guide available for the rice variants.


Our range of cooking pastes is also available in 1kg tubs. If you’re tired of peeling, chopping and grating fresh spices to add to your cooking for that unparalleled aroma and flavor, try our pastes!


We offer crispy fried onions in 5kg packing. These are made from Pakistani red onions, fried in pure vegetable oil, have a very light coating of flour and no salt. Add them to your cooking or use as garnishing before serving. Your consumers will come back just for this!
Looking for a quick, convenient and versatile solution to plain boiled rice? Shahzada has that too! Try our exotic range of sweet and savory


This is perfect for those who are looking to oomph up the rice sides with their main dishes. Also an excellent solution for those who want to get creative with their cooking – just add the flavoring sachet to your rice along with your choice of meat and vegetables to create a completely new dish. There is a range of flavors to choose from.
You can also add your creativity to our One Pot Desserts and feature them as a specialty on your menu.