Basmati Rice

We procure the choicest rice grains from the fertile fields of Punjab, Pakistan known to produce the best product. The rice is then aged for over a year, milled, graded and hygienically packed all under the care of our trained employees.

One Pot Meals

Prepare wholesome and delicious meals in minutes that can be enjoyed on their own or with your choice of accompaniments.

Cooking Pastes

Our diverse range of cooking pastes are made with fresh ingredients and are so convenient to use. They add immense flavor and value to all your meals.

Fried Onions

Made with Pakistani Red Onions, these are crispy, light and can be used in cooking, as a garnishing or even as a snack on their own. They elevate every meal they are enjoyed with.


Our dates are sourced from the best growing regions in Pakistan and Algeria. They are naturally sweet and high in potassium and are pitted for convenience.