Our Story

Our Story

Shahzada Rice is an heirloom – it was founded in 1971, has been a constant in your home for over two decades and has recently passed down to the third generation of individuals who care deeply about the brand and maintaining its excellence.

Product quality is of paramount importance to us and we go the extra length to ensure that only the best reaches your plate.

We procure the choicest raw material from the regions of Pakistan known to produce the most nutritious product.

Our rice is aged for over a year, milled and graded. All our products are hygienically packed under the care of our trained employees.

Our business model is very customer-centric where the satisfaction of our consumers is our top priority. Shahzada’s dedicated and passionate team is focused on ensuring that all of Shahzada’s consumers get the best value for money and that they provide the Perfect Feast for your families and loved ones!