Why Shahzada Foods Resonate With You?

Shahzada Foods is a very reputable and old Pakistani brand being exported from the region for over 30 years.

It started off as a premium Basmati rice brand packaging exceptional quality Super Kernal Basmati rice from the fertile fields of Punjab for ethnic consumers internationally. However, over the years it has added a whole range of rice and other raw ingredients, a few detailed below, to its product range.

Our rice comes in convenient 10 lbs bags with a top slider zipper to seal in freshness and also for ease of use.

Two of Shahzada Foods’ best rice varieties are as below.

Extra Long Grain Basmati Sela Rice:

This beautiful and very easy-cook rice has an extra long grain length. It is loved for how easy it is to cook as it does not break during cooking and stays fresh for several hours after. In addition, the grain length is extremely long which makes every meal cooked with it very appetizing.

Supreme Basmati Rice:

This rice is also loved for its extra-long grain length as well as it’s the ease of cooking. It is very similar to its counterpart product detailed earlier.

Shahzada Foods also has a range of cooking pastes such as garlic paste and ginger paste on its product portfolio. All seven cooking pastes are made using fresh ingredients as opposed to powder. They are packed in reusable and recyclable PET jars.

The Crispy Fried Onions are made from Pakistani red fried onions, are coated with little to no flour, have no salt added, and are so versatile as they are excellent for garnishing, cooking as well as enjoying on their own.

All of Shahzada’s products are gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan! 

And for all these reasons this is the perfect brand for you and we are confident that it will resonate with you due to the versatility of its product range, exceptional product quality, and the premium flavors from Pakistan that it brings to the table.

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